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When you least expect it....

Mathew 28:19-20, Jesus says  ¨GO¨. Today I was joined with Amin and Alia, Pastor and Leaders of the Ukrainian church. They share what God is doing in their lives, and ...


On this episode, I am joined with Marvin, Senior pastor of Harvest Community Church in Jupter ,Florida and we are talking about worship.  

The Omer - Independence

As we have come to the end of the Omer, we find ourselves in independence in Gods' Kingdom. Join us as we dive into what this means in our lives. 

The Omer- Fellowship

Do you struggle with fellowship? Are you looking for friends? Join us as we talk about how we can connect with eachother through Christ as we continue the counting. 

The Omer - Humility

Are you a humble man or woman? What doe it take to be humble?Join us as we find out how having victory, humbles us.

The Omer - Victory

Is victory really about winning and loosing?

The Omer - Beauty

What is God's definition of Beauty? Today we look at how Beauty connects with Love and Strength.  

The Omer - Strength

The Hebrew word for strength is Gevurah. Join us as we discuss what God's Strength is ment for us in our lives.

The Omer - Love

The Omer is an old tradition that we are discussing here on Talking with Fred for the next several weeks. To start things off on the countdown to Pentecost,  on todays...


Traditions like Lent are important to hold on to, join us as we talk with fred about Lent. 


Who are you? Who am I? Where do I belong in the world we/I live in?

END TIMES!!!!!!!


10th commandment. Do not covet

What are you covetting in your life? join in and talk with fred on why God said ¨Do not covet¨

9th commandment. Do not lie

Have you lied to yourself or others?

8th commandment. Do not commit adultery

have you committed adultary?

7th commandment. Do not steal

One of the commandments God tells us is "Do not steal"

6th commandment. Do not murder

Are you a murderer?

4th commandment. Keeping the Sabbath holy

Why talking about why and how we should keep the Sabbath holy

3rd commandment. Do not use Gods' name in vain

Today we are discussing on what God mean by not using His name in "vain".

1st & 2nd commandments. ¨No other gods before Me and Do not make for yourselves images of anything¨

Today we are talking about the first two commandments.

5th commandment. Honour your mother and father

Exodus 20:12 honour your mother and father

The Heart

Episode 5 "The Heart" and what it means.


Episode 4 “ friendship” On this episode we are talking about what it means to be a friend

TWF Lifting Jesus up

Today we are talking about John 12:32

TWF Knowledge and Wisdom

Today we are talking about Provers 2

TWF Pilot

Proverbs 1. Right, Just, and Fair

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