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Do not commit adultary

have you committed adultary?

Do not steal

One of the commandments God tells us is "Do not steal"

Do not murder

Are you a murderer?

Keeping the Sabbath holy

Why talking about why and how we should keep the Sabbath holy

Do not use God's name in vain

Today we are discussing on what God mean by not using His name in "vain".

No other gods before Me

Today we are talking about the first two commandments.

Honour you mother and father

Exodus 20:12 honour your mother and father

The Heart

Episode 5 "The Heart" and what it means.


Episode 4 “ friendship” On this episode we are talking about what it means to be a friend

TWF Lifting Jesus up

Today we are talking about John 12:32

TWF Knowledge and Wisdom

Today we are talking about Provers 2

TWF Pilot

Proverbs 1. Right, Just, and Fair

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